Who We Are

Complete In Christ is a Bible-based local church that is founded upon and motivated by two goals: To see people come to know God personally, through the Messiah and Savior Jesus Christ; and to help and encourage one another to pursue holiness and wholeness on this short earthly journey we are all on.

We are an interdenominational church made up of Christians with a full range of backgrounds: Baptist, Methodist, Church of Christ, Catholic, Spirit-filled, and the list goes on. Professionals worship and serve side-by-side with the poor and downtrodden, those who are fighting their way out of addictions, and those who simply seek a "God-connection" on a deeper level. We believe in the "Great Commission" that points each of us to go out and joyfully "get our hands dirty" serving together in the Kingdom of God.

Our foundation is the Bible and all its truths, which we believe to be God-inspired and relevant today for successful living. The Scriptures are our authority, with the Holy Spirit gently speaking to our spirits of the glory of the one and only Son, Jesus. While we esteem and embrace the Scriptures, we value practical relationship-building over doctrinal differences that are not "life and death"-critical. We welcome fellowship with other Christians and other church bodies; we consider ourselves "a part of the body of Christ".

A talented-but-submitted praise team leads our worship. Although we have a praise band on stage to lead the congregation, CIC is not about putting on a show – it is about reminding one another of the grace that God pours out in the lives of His children, and of making a personal connection with God in the presence of other believers. Feel free to express your worship by sitting in reverent awe, kneeling in repentence, or by raising your hands. And if your feet get happy, well, our aisles are wide enough for that, too.

Governmentally, our board of elders bears the final responsibility for the function of our church. These are mature men with a long history of devotion to the Kingdom of God and of service to fellow saints. They work hand in hand with a senior pastor whom we believe God has anointed for service in this congregation – to teach, to preach, to motivate, to admonish, and certainly to "cast vision" for how our growing church can fulfill its God-given role in the community and world.

Ministries abound. We want to serve you; we also invite you to link arms with us and serve others through one of our many ministries, whether it be Sunday School, Awana, Mexico missions, addiction recovery, jail evangelism or others.

If you're looking for perfection… well, we’re still learning. But we're having a great time on the journey, learning how to love God and others more deeply, how to live successfully in the face of life's everyday stresses, and even how to deal with personal tragedies that can come against us like a dark, crushing flood. If you are looking for a church, please know that we would love to have you! Feel free to visit - but we really hope you'll stay!

CIC is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a Section 501(c)3 Non-profit organization.
Your donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed under current Internal Revenue Service law.